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Illuminate 2024

Cover Story

A Path of Hope for Glioblastoma Treatment

While brain cancers are not always lethal, the most common form, glioblastoma, is aggressive and incurable, with a median survival of one and a half years. A team of researchers, foundations, and families have pushed Rogel to the forefront as a hub for cutting-edge brain cancer research.

Illuminate 2023

Cover Story

Circulating biomarkers: Hitting the mark

Circulating biomarkers, a new frontier in cancer care, bring both hope and unease to the clinic. Rogel researchers are unraveling their nuances, advancing enabling technologies, advocating for patients and figuring out how to ethically integrate this technology into clinical care.

Illuminate 2022

Cover Story

The Cancer Microbiome

Scientists are just starting to appreciate the many ways microbes influence the initiation, progression and treatment of cancer. It's known that some microbiomes, like Helicobacter pylori’s triggers chronic inflammation that contributes to stomach cancer. It's also known that maintaining a a healthy gut microbiome nurtures our immune system so that our immune cells can fight against cancer. Learn how the Rogel Cancer Center research members are studying these microbiomes to better understand how to prevent and treat the development of gastrointestinal cancers.

Illuminate 2020

Cover Story

Harnessing the Immune System to Target Cancer

When Weiping Zou, M.D., PH.D., Charles B. De Nancrede Professor of Surgery, Immunology, Biology and Pathology at the University of Michigan, first started looking at cancer immunology, he was one of only a handful in the field who believed in the idea. Today, immunotherapy has revolutionized cancer treatment and become one of the most promising avenues in cancer research.