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Breast Cancer

Breast reconstruction complication rates not affected by chemotherapy

Chemotherapy as additional treatment for breast cancer did not increase the complication rate for women who had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction as part of the same operation.

What You Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine and Mammograms

Swollen lymph nodes, a possible side effect of the vaccine, could raise unnecessary concerns if they appear on your screening exam. Kimberly Garver, M.D., an expert on mammography, explains why waiting a few weeks after your shot to get your next mammogram may be prudent.

Less is more? Focused genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancers

Homing in on about 20 key genes known to be associated with breast or ovarian cancer is likely to provide patients and their doctors with “news they can use," according to a new study.

What You Need to Know About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Two plastic surgeons address common misconceptions about breast reconstruction surgery, and answer commonly asked questions.

Radiation Side Effects in Young and Black Patients Often Missed

Physicians did not recognize side effects from radiation therapy in more than half of breast cancer patients who reported a significant symptom, a new study finds.

New Research Highlights Disparity in Inflammatory Cancer Survival Rates

Survival rates for women with inflammatory breast cancer have nearly doubled, but analysis shows an ongoing disparity between the survival rates of white patients and Black patients.

Researchers are Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify Aggressive Breast Cancer

Researchers at the Rogel Cancer Center have developed a new diagnostic approach using artificial intelligence that aims to do exactly that — and with greater than 90% accuracy