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My Last Safari

Video art by Patricia Ann Lively

Artist's Statement

I started painting after my cancer surgery. Painting was a life saver and my therapy. It kept me busy, productive, creative and gave me new friends who were encouraging and supportive. It has been a very healing experience.

My paintings depict many significant symbols that are important to me. The animals I paint are representative of my cancer, my spiritual beliefs and my career.

The Giraffes represent my work with families as a social worker. In addition to my career as a social worker, I was a caretaker for my husband who was a disabled Veteran during my 1st cancer diagnosis.

The zebra represents my rare disease NeuroEndocrine Tumors (NET). Only 8% of cancers are NET’s. This cancer is not preventable, not curable, is slow-growing and possibly hereditary. Over 40% of us are misdiagnosed for many years. Zebras are rare, so the symbol fits the disease and helps remind medical professionals to look for the “unusual."

It is my hope to be reincarnated as an elephant. The elephant has admirable qualities such as, dedication to family. They represent good luck, have good memories, a long life and freedom.

The final animal symbol in my work is the peacock, a symbol of my spirituality, representing Gods love, peace and understanding.

It’s important to me that people remember me and the images of the celebration “Day of the Dead” is homage to the idea of remembering and celebrating your loved ones.