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Recent high-impact publications from Rogel Cancer Center members.

Publications as of September, 2021

Basic Sciences

Park KS, Nam J, Son S, Moon JJ. Personalized combination nano-immunotherapy for robust induction and tumor infiltration of CD8+ T cells. Biomaterials. (2021) PMID: 33962217; PMCID: PMC8184601.

Shukla S, Ying W, Gray F, Yao Y, Simes ML, Zhao Q, Miao H, Cho HJ, González-Alonso P, Winkler A, Lund G, Purohit T, Kim E, Zhang X, Ray JM, He S, Nikolaidis C, Ndoj J, Wang J, Jaremko Ł, Jaremko M, Ryan RJH, Guzman ML, Grembecka J, Cierpicki T. Small-molecule inhibitors targeting Polycomb repressive complex 1 RING domain. Nat Chem Biol. (2021) PMID: 34155404; PMCID: PMC8238916.

Du W, Hua F, Li X, Zhang J, Li S, Wang W, Zhou J, Wang W, Liao P, Yan Y, Li G, Wei S, Grove S, Vatan L, Zgodzinski W, Majewski M, Wallner G, Chen H, Kryczek I, Fang JY, Zou W. Loss of optineurin drives cancer immune evasion via palmitoylation-dependent IFNGR1 lysosomal sorting and degradation. Cancer Discov. (2021) PMID: 33627378; PMCID: PMC8292167.

Venkatesan A, Geng J, Kandarpa M, Wijeyesakere SJ, Bhide A, Talpaz M, Pogozheva ID, Raghavan M. Mechanism of mutant calreticulin-mediated activation of the thrombopoietin receptor in cancers. J Cell Biol. (2021) PMID: 33909030; PMCID: PMC8085772.

Poirion OB, Jing Z, Chaudhary K, Huang S, Garmire LX. DeepProg: an ensemble of deep-learning and machine-learning models for prognosis prediction using multi-omics data. Genome Med. (2021) PMID: 34261540; PMCID: PMC8281595.

Yu L, Myers G, Ku CJ, Schneider E, Wang Y, Singh SA, Jearawiriyapaisarn N, White A, Moriguchi T, Khoriaty R, Yamamoto M, Rosenfeld M, Pedron J, Bushweller JH, Lim KC, Engel JD. An erythroid to myeloid cell fate conversion is elicited by LSD1 inactivation. Blood. (2021) PMID: 34324630.

Pendlebury DF, Zhang J, Agrawal R, Shibuya H, Nandakumar J (DT). Structure of a meiosis-specific complex central to BRCA2 localization at recombination sites. Nat Struct Mol Biol. (2021)PubMed PMID: 34373645.

Luan X, Yuan H, Song Y, Hu H, Wen B, He M, Zhang H, Li Y, Li F, Shu P, Burnett JP, Truchan N, Palmisano M, Pai MP, Zhou S, Gao W, Sun D. Reappraisal of anticancer nanomedicine design criteria in three types of preclinical cancer models for better clinical translation. Biomaterials. (2021) PMID: 34144373.

Kremer DM, Nelson BS, Lin L, Yarosz EL, Halbrook CJ, Kerk SA, Sajjakulnukit P, Myers A, Thurston G, Hou SW, Carpenter ES, Andren AC, Nwosu ZC, Cusmano N, Wisner S, Mbah NE, Shan M, Das NK, Magnuson B, Little AC, Savani MR, Ramos J, Gao T, Sastra SA, Palermo CF, Badgley MA, Zhang L, Asara JM, McBrayer SK, Pasca di Magliano M, Crawford HC, Shah YM, Olive KP, Lyssiotis CA. GOT1 inhibition promotes pancreatic cancer cell death by ferroptosis. Nat Commun. (2021) PMID: 34381026; PMCID: PMC8357841.

Geer MJ, Foucar CE, Devata S, Benitez L, Perissinotti AJ, Marini BL, Bixby D. Clinical availability of ATRA for patients with suspected acute promyelocytic leukemia: why guidelines may not be followed. J Natl Compr Canc Netw. (2021) PMID: 34404029.

Translational and Clinical Research

Nielsen TO, Leung SCY, Rimm DL, Dodson A, Acs B, Badve S, Denkert C, Ellis MJ, Fineberg S, Flowers M, Kreipe HH, Laenkholm AV, Pan H, Penault-Llorca FM, Polley MY, Salgado R, Smith IE, Sugie T, Bartlett JMS, McShane LM, Dowsett M, Hayes DF. Assessment of Ki67 in breast cancer: updated recommendations from the international Ki67 in breast cancer working group. J Natl Cancer Inst. (2021) PMID: 33369635.

Alva AS, Mangat PK, Garrett-Mayer E, Halabi S, Hansra D, Calfa CJ, Khalil MF, Ahn ER, Cannon TL, Crilley P, Fisher JG, Haslem DS, Shrestha S, Antonelli KR, Butler NL, Warren SL, Rygiel AL, Ranasinghe S, Bruinooge SS, Schilsky RL. Pembrolizumab in patients with metastatic breast cancer with high tumor mutational burden: results from the targeted agent and profiling utilization registry (TAPUR) study. J Clin Oncol. (2021) PMID: 33844595.

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