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Breast Cancer Ally

Breast Cancer Ally is an information and symptom management tool specially designed for breast cancer patients at the University of Michigan. Breast Cancer Ally helps patients through every stage of breast cancer treatment.

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Breast Cancer Ally Features

  • Educational content delivered when you need it at every stage of treatment -- including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and anti-estrogen therapy.
  • Treatment calendar and appointment reminders.
  • Side effect tracking , home care tips, and "when to call" information.
  • Instructions, reminders and trackers for drain management and post-operative exercises.
  • Driving directions, maps, clinic information, phone directory and links to UM clinics and services.
  • Treatment summary to share with your primary care physicians and/or other doctors.

5 benefits of the Breast Cancer Ally app

It’s unique to each user:
The app is tailored to focus only on the specifics and timing of a patient’s care plan.

It keeps details in order:
To make things easier, the app curates key milestones. It lists what a patient needs to bring on her first visit. With guidance from a trained clinician, patients enter details about future visits. The app, in turn, offers directions and contact information. Based on input, pre- and postoperative information (and notifications) will follow. The app also updates a woman’s medical history for easy sharing with a primary care physician.

It prompts action (and accountability):
Beyond keeping appointments outside the home, cancer patients in recovery must manage self-care tasks. Which is why app users are given gentle reminders to follow through. A patient who had breast surgery under the arm, for example, would receive text messages -- with links to illustrations -- to conduct daily postoperative exercises. Users indicate completion via the app; doctors can check for compliance.

It tracks patient concerns:
Periodically, the app asks patients to record their symptoms by asking for levels of fatigue, depression and other factors. That often varies from what a woman might tell her doctor during an in-person visit, Clinicians can review the findings, allowing them to address any unspoken concerns.

It’s a complement to human contact:
Because some patients travel long distances, the app can help address certain issues remotely: A “toxicity tracker” allows users to input frequency and severity of nausea during chemotherapy. The app then can supply coping tips or advise them to call their clinician.

The Breast Cancer Ally is ONLY for University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center patients!

Version 1.0 Requirements

  • iPhone 4 or higher
  • iPad 2 or higher
  • iPod Touch 5th generation or higher
  • iOS v7.1 or higher.

To download: go to the iTunes store. To create a new account - use Access Code "goblue"

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